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Who is Sydney film competition

Team up, be inspired and send us a short film that showcases life and people in Sydney
At the University of Sydney, people from more than 140 countries come together to form our thriving community. We want to meet the people and see the places that make Sydney your home – no matter where you’ve come from.

What is Who is Sydney洛阳福瑞茂设备有限公司

This is a competition for everyone. Who is Sydney is about sharing stories about our students from all different backgrounds as they come together to experience Sydney, make new friends and form a community. For some, Sydney is the home they have always known, while for others it’s a brand new place to live and study.

Form a team with other students and create a short film together around the themes of cultures, connections and student life.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced videographer, creativity is the key. Your team's entry could, for example, take almost any form on film, such as:

– a music video
– an animation or stop-motion
– a short story
– a vlog
– a mini-documentary
– interviews

Read the competition details below for more information about competition eligibility. Check the entry form beforehand, to make sure you have everything you need when you're ready to submit your film.


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    Gather your crew to enter. Teams must be 2-4 members, including at least one domestic and one international student. If you need a buddy, try putting a call out on the Facebook event page, or let us know and we'll try and match you with other students.
  • 和审审在一起的日子韩国


    Let the creative juices flow. Films must be maximum 2 minutes and can be in virtually any style or genre you wish and filmed with any equipment you have, as long as it keeps to the theme and guidelines.
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    Fill out the online entry form and send your film as a file via your student Dropbox.


Prizes 吴忠优盈久设备有限公司

The winning teams will receive a certificate and a monetary prize:

First place: $7,000

Second place: $4,000

Third place: $2,000

The remaining seven entries from the top 10 shortlist will each receive a $250 shortlist prize.

Entry criteria 钦州辉国大贸易有限公司

Being a part of Who is Sydney is easy! There are only a few rules for teams to enter:

All entries must:

  • feature at least one of the team members as a subject
  • be a minimum of 30 seconds, maximum of two minutes long
  • be on location in Sydney (or around your local campus)

All teams must:

  • have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 participants
  • include at least 1 domestic student and 1 international student

All participants must be:

  • a currently enrolled student at the University of Sydney
  • over 18 years old

Release forms

  • If you film anyone outside of your team who is identifiable in your footage, you will need to ask them to complete a release form. This applies to other students, University staff and members of the public. You will need to scan and upload this form with your entry.

Themes and judging 承德复春洪贸易有限公司

Judging will take place after the deadlines has passed. A panel of judges will review a shortlist of the top 10 entries and select the top three films to award the prizes. The judges will rate the best films primarily on creativity and relevance to the main themes of the competition:

  • cultures coming together
  • connection and learning from others
  • friendship
  • the student experience
These themes are not essential criteria, but a guide for teams to help make sure their entries are consistent with the overall mission of the competition.
2019 Judging panel
  • Professor Wai Fong Chua AM, Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Life)
  • Dr Bruce Isaacs, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
  • Trixie Young, Videographer
  • Liliana Tai, University of Sydney Union (USU) President

Submitting your entry 连云港优鼎辉服务有限公司

Remember when submitting your entry to:

  • ensure all details on the form are filled out correctly for all team members
  • provide scanned versions of competition waiver forms (see terms and conditions for more info). Remember to include everyone who appears in the video - even non-participants.
  • provide a transcript (if applicable) in a .sbt file. You may submit additional language files if you wish. (tips for creating transcripts)
  • send your film using your student Dropbox account in one of the following formats (.mp4, .mov, .avi).


Need some tips? Inspiration? others to team up? There are a few resources around campus that can help.


There are lots of video editing, animation and other useful mini-courses on LinkedIn Learning. It's a handy online resource that Univerity of Sydney students can enjoy free access. Just log in with your UniKey.


You could start by picking a theme or concept for your film. For example:

  • “New places, new faces.”
  • “I like you because we’re different.”
  • “Sharing our secrets.”
  • “Home is what we make it.”
  • “What we learn from each other.”

Participating in the competition is not just a chance to showcase your creativity with a camera, but it's also a novel way to make friends. Why not take it on as an extra-curricular project with classmates? Or enter with a peer mentor, fellow club or society members, or language exchange partner?

If you are interested in participating but can't find others to join a team, try putting out a message on the Facebook event page. Who knows, it could be the beginning of something great!


Background 萍乡德弘厚设备有限公司

Who is Sydney is a new initiative supported by a generous gift from a University of Sydney donor. It offers participants a chance to showcase their personal experiences and aims to foster cross-cultural connections between students from different backgrounds.

We are delighted that this competition has been supported by Mr John Wang, LLM(1994), Managing Director of the Australia China Investment Fund.

Contacts 六盘水巨庆生贸易有限公司

Send us an email with any questions about the competition.

If you would like to know more about giving to the University, please visit the donations section of the website.

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